The YMA FSF Scholarship Case Study for 2019 asked for students to find a company and globalize it, establishing it in a new location essentially.


For this project I took the Australian luxury denim brand OneTeaspoon and placed it in Praga, Poland. OneTeaspoon prides itself in a rebel aesthetic with distressed denim being a staple. While creating the new line, instead of using the staple distressing I decided to have raw denim be the central focus. Raw denim is interesting for the fact that any distress that takes places is unique to the wearer; only they could ever own that piece of clothing. In a way, the denim is an imprint of the wearer's DNA.


Taking inspiration from Praga's street art, I created custom prints to pair with the raw denim. Graphic tees and inner lining on the denim can be seen with these prints.


This project was the winner of the $7,500 prize